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Can this be done?
Just thinking out loud here....

Could a Nano or similar be used to spoof the cartridge chip? Could you attach it to the cartridge terminals (in lieu of the actual cartridge) and have it reset everytime the printer is powered on and eliminate the need to reset the cartridge?
FYI - Same name as OP but not same person ... lol
This is similar to what ,I believe, the XYZerocart does ( An on-the-fly flashing of an eprom to spoof an actual cartridge.
I would love to know how to do this just for the sake of tinkering, but ultimately would probably spend the $$ on the already done work (Zerocart).
In the meantime I've taken an empty cartridge and mounted my Uno in it with a cut out for the USB port (allows me to apply power without disassembly) and hard wired it to the filament chip (to the actual chip so I do not block the contacts).
If nothing else I can simply pull the cartridge out of the printer, plug in power to the Uno and wait a few seconds, place the cartridge back and I'm up and running with a fresh 240m being reported.
Not sure about the serial number stuff or anything, I have just blocked the xyz.exe in my firewall and have had no issues.
I have the 1.0A running System Version 1.0.3. Only had it for a few weeks, but so far have clocked in 83 Lifetime hours.. Not brave enough to go custom FW just yet, atleast not until I get past the beginner stages of playing.
Thats a good idea. You basically just used the cartridge for an Arduino housing? Nice!

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