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Problem with Z axis - using XYZerocart - Newbie
I'm new to 3D printing and I have a Davinci 1.0A running FW 1.0.1. All has been great using 3rd party filament until last night. From nowhere, the Z-axis wouldn't stop going up on a new print. So far that I had to power down to prevent damage. The end stop didn't work.

Now, the best I can do is get the printer to start a new print, but the Z axis is too high, and the pressure on the hot end prevents ABS from coming out.

Is there an easy (newbie) way to re-calibrate the Z axis?

Sounds like your problem is the end stop, not calibration. You need to check that switch and it's connection to the control board (plug labeled "home z"). If you have a multimeter, you can verify that the switch is working.
The end-stop is working now (it failed once at least), but the z axis is too high.

Is there a way to reset the z axis without redoing the whole platform?
You can adjust the height with the adjustment screws to bring it down... then do calbration via the menu on the printer.

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