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New user with some questions.
Hey guys, first post............

I've had my printer a few weeks, I'm almost out of filament. I would like to use a 3rd party spool now. I've read most of the posts on this forum but want to make sure I do this correctly.
My printer says 1.0 on the display and I downgraded my firmware from 1.2.3 to 1.1.J. I have a few Arduino Uno boards laying around and I'd like to reset the chip in my cartridge.

Should I be fine by following this tutorial?
Is this still relevant with 1.1.J ?

I'm assuming the remaining filament length is calculated from the feed servo in the print head, so I will have to reset it whenever it runs the length of a standard cartridge. I was planning on making a spool hanger with a roller bearing for the back of the printer.

I'm using Simplify3D for my printing app if it matters.

Can you see a flaw in my plans? Thanks in advance!
You need to also block xyz on your firewall. I suggest using the xyz open mod software and you should be pretty much good to go.

I keep seeing these comments about blocking xyz at the firewall... I had ZERO issues running the OEM XYZware, 1.2.3 firmware, and resetting my cartridges. As long as you don't set the values to something the software doesn't expect (ie. filament length too long, color or material that doesn't exist, bed temp 120 or higher, etc) and you're resetter is incrementing the cartridge serial number... it works just fine.
I went ahead and reset the chip. No problems to report.

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