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Cart Reset and terrible scan and error 0033
Since I bought it, I've never used the scan with success. I could not scan an object with success. I'm giving up with this U$ 300 feature... Maybe I should bought the 1.0 but now, I can't do anything.

When I unbox this printer, the system displayed an 0033 error, that I could not find at any other forum. The XYZ support asked to return the printer... at next day, the released the 1.1.3 fw that resolved this problem. I didn't see that is not compatible with the resetter.

So, some questions... does anybody here had this 0033 issue? Somebody could reset the cartridge using the last firmware?
I'm not familiar with your issues, but I can say if you got the printer from Amazon the turn around time should be pretty fast. If you had such problems out of the box you MAY have permanently resolved your issues using the updated firmware, but for the sake of my own sanity I would send it back so you don't have to keep sweating butt cakes.
So... I would return but... I dispatched it to Brazil. I spent almost another printer with ship and taxes :/

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