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Trouble Resetting The Cartridge
I am having problems resetting my Da Vinci filament cartridge. I believe my Da Vinci printer is a 1.0a model. The firmware is 1.0.1. I printed the shell available on Thingiverse that fits the cartridge, and inserted the pogo pins. I have soldered wires to the pogo pins that I am connecting to my Arduino UNO board. I have verified pin continuity and I can visually see that the pins are contacting the EPROM chip in the cartridge. I uploaded the xyz_dv_eprom sketch to my Arduino UNO and it compiles without error and appears to upload correctly. But when I open the serial monitor window all I get is a bunch of unusual characters and the sketch does not appear to run properly. I have attached a screen shot of the serial monitor window and the Arduino window. Also I have uploaded a photo of my setup. Based on the success stories I am certain I am doing something wrong and it is probably a dumb mistake but I cant figure out what it is. Thanks in advance for any help Smile[Image: davincicartridgeresetissuescreenshot150119.jpg][Image: IMG_0549.jpg]
Make sure your baudrate on the lower right hand side matches the baudrate set in the sketch.
Thanks so much that was totally it! I set the baud rate to 115200 and it worked as expected.

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