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Linear skirt instead of one around objects
I noticed that both cura and slic3r create a skirt around the objects you are printing if you enable the feature. The sample models for the DaVinci print a few lines near the edge of the print bed and then move to the center to start the model. This 'linear skirt' makes a
lot more sense to me than the one around the models.

The reason is that when the skirt is just starting it can sometimes not stick right away and the extruded filament will get drug across where the print will really start. Then when the skirt is sticking nicely (I do 3 loops of 1 layer), and the extruder moves to the center to tart, you end up with gunk in the middle and you have to stop things and clean the bed.

Having the 'skirt' on the edge makes more sense. Are there slicers that do that? What do others do?
it is called brim no ?
No, the skirt is the small outline around the object.

Sorry I misunderstood the question
no if you want this "line" on edge to clean extruder and prepare extrusion the best is custom gcode, but actually because davinci has dripbox it is even better to do some extrusion just in home position using custom start gcode also

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