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Cleaning black parts off the nozzle
Hi all

fairly new to 3d printing so go easy please Smile i have my da vinci and although i keep the underside of the nozzle clean the upper part has got dark bits of plastic on it that wont come off with the brush, ive tried a damp cloth with some acetone but cant quite get enough pressure on it, is there any other way to clean the nozzle?

if it means taking it apart i would need guidance

Many Thanks

Have you tried cleaning it with the brush while the extruder is hot (210C)? That might help loosen the plastic. I'm not sure that there's much reason to clean the upper part if you don't have a lot of goo on it. The main reason for cleaning that I can discern is to keep any loose pieces of filament from dragging through the print and to keep the calibration post conductive for bed auto-leveling. I'm new to this too, so someone might have a more seasoned opinion.

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