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Firmware 0.92 - Retract and Unretract
I'm guessing this question will fall to Luc to help with, but my question is about my slicer generating G10 and G11 commands to retract filament and then unretract it.

Using Repetier-Host software in the log section, I am getting "Unknown command: N22661 G10" and then right after that, I get the same basic message except the "N" number changes and the command is G11.

Am I somehow generating the wrong G-codes for retraction for the firmware?

Anyone else see this.

G10/G11 are for ultimaker and marlin fw , not repetier, that is why it is unknown.
you can check the repetier.ino file , it lists all available codes.
OK - I went back to Slic3r (1.1.17) and checked my Printer Settings to see what I might be able to do. Oddly enough, the "G-code flavor": option I selected is RepRap and next to that it indicates it is compatible with Marlin/Sprinter/Repetier. So, clearly, that's NOT entirely accurate! It does sorta give itself a way out of being incorrect by the pop-up help saying that not all G-code commands are universal. I assumed that when it said Repetier, that it WAS compatible with that firmware.

Thanks Luc.
seems g10 and g11 are now in repetier work092 so I will see how to import the changes to support them

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