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XYZ at CES 2015
While at CES, I visited the XYZ booth to see if they had incorporated any of the fixes/improvements into the 1.0 which everyone here had designed. Well, it appears that they haven't, and they don't plan to improve the reliability of the 1.0. It was difficult talking to the representatives about this, as I had to go thru an interpreter. I will say, that they had a much larger display than last year.

I asked about printing PLA in the 1.0 and they said you would have to purchase a new extruder to print in PLA.

For what it's worth, here is info on what they are coming out with (not that it's unique, or something one might consider purchasing):
- wood filament and flexible filament - they had a sandal made of the flexible filament on display, a refillable filament cartridge - they sell the spool, and you have to bust open the cartridge and replace the spool,, duh! - I assume they give you a new chip.
- a new da Vinci Jr. that prints only in PLA for $349, physically smaller unit - print volume is 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches - open PLA spool housed inside the printer - see picture below
- a SLA printer called the NOBEL 1.0 for $1,499 - print volume - 5 x 5 x7.9 inches - see pictures below
- I don't know if they plan on releasing a new print that prints cookie dough - see picture (by the way, 3DSystems had a printer that printed colored sugar to be used by bakeries to decorations)

[Image: IMG_1094.jpg][Image: IMG_1079.jpg][Image: IMG_1092.jpg][Image: IMG_1091.jpg][Image: IMG_1089.jpg]

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