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Repetier Manual Bed Leveling - Question
I flashed Repetier .92 to my Da Vanci 1.0 this weekend running S3d. Everything went smooth and I'm extremely pleased with the upgrade Smile

I followed the bed leveling instructions very carefully right after I flashed and noticed I had the lower the bed a substantial amount so the extruder would not hit the bed. I later read some information regarding the z offset and setting that up in the software. I'm assuming that the way I did is ok. I did not run auto bed leveling.

My question is I think I have this thing dialed in pretty good, with one small issue. I was trying the get the extruder to just starting tugging on the paper as I moved it around and found that all the middle spots (back, middle and front) are all where I want them, but the left and right middle seem to be just a tad smaller (ie, the paper is harder to move in those spots). For the life of me I can't figure out which of the three screws to turn to get every spot exactly the same. Maybe this is as good as it gets.

As a visual (below), the spots with "o's" is where it seems "tighter"

x x x
o x o
x x x

I am still messing with my settings but am able to get it to print with fairly good quality.

Any feedback is appreciated.
There will always be spots that are a bit more tight. What I do is "split the different" as best as possible, erring on being a little "loose." Then, just make the first layer slightly thicker if your design can allow for it.


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