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Incoming new heads for Da Vinci 1.0
XYZ has upload a 'hot fix' for the 1.1.1 osx XYZware.

The interesting part it's this last phrases

- Support refill filament to print.
- Add nozzle head registration toolkit when install new nozzle head for daVinci 1.0 model.

So the 'upgrade' options must be around the corner.

Also, what means 'support refill filament to print'...?
Don't hold your breath that my pointing out their trade blocking and printer disabling as being illegal had any effect, but it sure would be nice if it means what we would like it to mean...

here video about how to refill
[url= Vinci 1.0 AiO#20592[/url]
still stick to a chip so nothing change actually :evil:
I had a feeling the new hot end would be required for the new filaments they're promising... kinda crappy since I JUST bought this printer.

And the refill thing is a joke. So they realized they could make more money by not making the plastic cartridge every time... that's what it is.

Did anyone else notice that the new Jr model doesn't have cartridges??
Indeed, it's a bit of a WTF that they support this crappy 'refilling' method now. I don't think it'll save them much money anyway, but imagine the amount of user error that can go into such procedure, specially when handling the chip replacement. What if it's somehow incorrectly installed and it makes a shortcut and fries the board... :unsure:

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