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Buffer Size For Sending GCode
My buffer setting in RepetierHost is currently 202, because that's what I saw on a post here. Where did that number come from?

I notice when I hit pause or kill print it takes a while for the printer to respond. I assume because the command is sent and goes into a queue on the printer.

What is an appropriate number to use?
The buffer size are default one from repetier, in printer buffer is 32 you can see on page 3 of main screen.
For Killing print : if you print from SD should be almost immediat, if you print from host there is no command "stop", host just stop to send command so printing end when buffer is empty.
For pause even command is received - the process is to wait the buffer to be empty which can be long.

You can try, decreasing buffer value do not help to get quick answer when pausing, but can jeopardize the printing if buffer is too short.
I already discussed with repetier developer about this, raising point that on my others printers pause / stop are immediat, the answer was, yes but it is big task to change this and he has no time...

FYI: Issue is already in my tracker as decreasing buffer to get quick response is not good solution.
If thats true, does the repetier host protocol have a way of being modified to allow a pause and stop command? It seems like something that should not be based on a buffer queue, because of how important it is.

Even if it was custom, I think it would make a lot of sense. There could be the commands over protocol (not gcode commands)

- Pause gcode execution
- Flush gcode command buffer

You could also implement a custom gcode command that the firmware looks for as it comes in (before going into the buffer). If it sees it, then it executes it as the next command before what the buffer already has. That might be a more standard way to handle things.

Did the repeatier developer say why it was a big deal and why it worked on other printers but not the DaVinci?
Of course there is always a way, that is why I am working on it - I was little bit busy with LCD issue, recently so this one came after

Please read and feel free to help:
Kill/Stop print to be immediate : I already implemented stop from printer and code to stop from host is ready:
My tracker :

Pause to be immediate: I can do the pause from SD Card, I think I know how to do, Just need time to code it but when printing from host It may need some host modification, TBC.
Repetier tracker :
If anyone can send me a link to a DLL Editor I would be more than happy to help. I had a great one about 5 years ago but I cant find it on my stack of DVD's.


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