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What board is it?
old board, new board, j37 board, 1.0, 1.0A
Its about time to identify the boards and name them.
Machine board details
DaVinci 1.0 -- 0.1 --- Jumper, vacuum tubes
DaVinci 1.0 -- 67.2 -- single IC, phasor, Cerebral interface
DaVinci 3.0 -- 3.6 --- J37 jumper, smell scanner

This is the board in My DaVinci. What is it's designation?

:S[Image: DaVinci_Board_X.jpg]
1.0 first generation
Here is my da Vinci 1.0 (not AiO)

Factory firmware @ 1.0.1
Factory Software @

Any updates on viable Repetier firmware or target date?[Image: DaVinci1.0.jpg][Image: board.jpg]
0.92 have 1.0A support, need to set MODEL 1.
I need to update one fix for LCD screen (just wait one confirmation) and after I will pass the FW in beta stage
EDIT : there is no support currently for 2.0A and any AiO - I do not have so I cannot check pin out and no one check them
I have a Duo 2.0A with very similar board to MJR except number lower middle of board is 1439(not 1436) and white label marked under B indicating firmware 1.0.B, I assume. XyzWare ( doesn't seem to be capable of upgrading firmware. "Oops! Service not available" is all it will do, for over 3 weeks. Disabling network card doesn't work either. The printer does display "bootloader" when turned on with up/Down arrow keys pressed when turned on. Anybody know what that means?
When I bought my duo last year - there was no update during at least 3 month - I had same message "oops...."
about up/down keys when starting - I read on one post it is a way to do FW recovery if any issue - but I do not have the details sorry
So I have aDaVinci 1.0 first gen
What flavor/version of Repetier FW should I use?
Anything I load ---- LCD blank or scrambled

Do I have to use the LiquidCrystal library?

What changes to code must be made?

Latest 0.92 solve LCD issues - and need restart after flashing
no change in code as 1.0 is default settings
I'll play... here's my (now probably fried) board from my 1.0 (build date is 2013)

[Image: 20150116_170647.jpg]

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