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Da vinci 1.0 hotend - need help
so i bought some abs filament, went to use it and turns out it was pla(my mistake for not looking at the tag)
and it plugged up the hotend so i was drilling it out and broke a piece of the drill inside the aluminum part.....

so i need some ideas how to fix this lol

is the aluminum piece press fitted into the brass or just a screw?
ill probably try a soak in acetone if its press fitted in..

anyone know if its possible to buy one without the heater/sensor?

Thanks[Image: 01-12-15_1741.jpg]
I plugged my hot end with ABS after I fiddled with the cooling fan settings. I dripped acetone into the top and used a drill, manually, to get at the softened ABS. I think an overnight soak might work too (I assume that PLA will soften in acetone.) I didn't want to get acetone on the wires since I don't know if the insulation and other goo they use on the thermistor and the hot end wire are immune to its effects.

Maybe you can try heating the extruder, either in circuit, or with a hot air gun, and then use a small wire (like the pokers provided with the DaVinci) to push the broken piece out through the top of the hot end, pushing from the bottom.

Good luck.

The reducer or whatever unscrews out of the brass nozzle fine. Position it on a vice or put a rubber band around it and use pliers. Be mindful of the thermister and heater position and dont grip onto that or slip onto it.

Heres a pic in case you were apprehensive

do you know what size hex key i need to take out the heater?
im guessing metric because my standard one wont fix lol
Get used to metric working with 3d printers man. The rest of the world is using it and to be honest Im starting to like not having to remember fractions. Wink Yeah, everything on this box will be metric.
also is that a left or right handed screw?

Nothing spins on this thing so everything should be threaded normally. If you dont have a vise or vise grips and a helper, It might be hard to hold the brass piece and apply enough force on the heat break. Torching the nozzle may work enough to expand the brass, but that takes some patience and since I dont know how hot my torch is, i dont know if it can burn through the wires.

After you get this clear man, in the future heat is your friend and u really dont want to jam anything hard, like a drill bit up there as it can score and/or alter the nozzle and youll be much more prone to clogs. Brass is a soft metal and any drill bit definitely is not. At 230 pla should be dripping through the nozzle and you can usually push ABS behind it to clear .If you snapped filament and its broken below the cold end gears and heat break, youll have to remove the extruder cartridge and pull the stuck piece out with pliers. Best of luck to ya, if you get frustrated walk away from it for a few and come back. Ive come close to completely busting this thing by getting frustrated and doing something stupid without thinking it through.
I always heat up the hot end before drilling out the PLA or ABS. you will surprised at how much comes out with the drill bit as I work in it in and out with a bit of turning - - note done by hand only. - - -
hey guys, I have a problem, my printer keeps detecting that the temperature on the hot end is really low, like 7.4 degrees C or it says that the heater is decoupled. Is this the heater cartridge or the thermistor. I recently switched to repetier host. My printer has been down for like a week. Any suggestions?
can be the sensor having issue, the cables, the position of thermistor in extruder,....
you still can avoid to be decoupled by disabling the feature :
but it won't solve the problem if you have one
sorry, but this has nothing to do with the topic of the op. Please start a new thread so we can better help you and so others will find the information. Thanks! Smile.


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