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Making the decision on which printer to buy....
I'm on the verge of buying a 3d printer. I've been watching the technology for the past few years lusting...
I've pretty much narrowed my options down to two...the "TwoUp" kit...or the Da Vinci 1.0(not the one w/scanner). $350ish is about all I can slip passed the wife w/o getting into trouble.
The Da Vinci is attractive because it comes ready to print, appears to have WAY fewer hardware flaws and can do ABS and PLA w/o additional upgrades. I've read about using the Repetier Firmware and minor mods to resolve some of the more serious deficiencies - and allow the use of Generic supplies.

The Twoup is attractive because it is cheaper, totally opensource, easily modded and parts are not proprietary. The specs say it actually does higher resolution(50microns vs 100) but I read that really doesn't matter????? There are some SERIOUS design flaws that are quite offputting...the saggy gantry, reports from a lot of buyers of broken/missing parts, problems w/the fiber-board frame, bearing mounts and fit/finish issues. They all look pretty serious...but fixable.

So, I have pretty much settled on the Da Vinci but have serious concerns about getting replacement parts w/o shipping it...and also about the possibility that the OEM will make some change that will make the Repetier Firmware not work on it.

The Twoup is cheaper and seems less likely to end up orphaned due to the open nature of it....I'd appreciate any thoughts that would help me choose between these two printers.
I should point out, I don't have a problem tinkering in order to get something working right...I work in IT, I've got some Arduinos laying around and even know how to solder Smile Having said that - I want a 3d printer to print things...not spend all my time tinkering.
It's better to ask forgiveness than permission, when it comes to wives.... I dealt with that in Dec when I bought the Davinci 1.0. I had it for a week, then told her. She bitched a bit, but that's what she does. She's making capes for the giant lego batmen I've made for my nephews (and myself :evil: )

It's worked well for me for $400, but I printed a spool holder w/stock, then immediately flashed to Repetier (after trying to get XYZopenMod working) - XYZ can't do anything about that now (except bend me over if I need parts/service). If it breaks, I'll fix it or abandon it. I probably wouldn't buy a more expensive printer/kit (couldn't justify the $ for a toy), but I also wouldn't buy one with any less features/quality. 399$ from Amazon was the tipping point for me. I think by itself it's an OK deal, w/open firmware, it's more than most 'need'. I've made some scrap, but I would have done that with a $1k printer too.

I'm not well versed on the twoup, but the davinci looks to be at least $100 better. Not having a heated bed would nix it for me.

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