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Davinci 1.0 crashing / restarting when printing via USB
I haven't had much luck printing larger models via USB. I first started just using XYZWare which wouldn't even send larger models to the printer, but would just lock up. Then I tried OpenMod and the same thing would happen. It would slice it, but then sending to the printer it would hang or crash. So finally I bought Simplify3D, which is awesome and I love it, but I'm still seeing a problem with sending larger files. Simplify3D does not crash. Instead I can see the stream of gcode going to the printer, and then the printer just shuts off and reboots. Is this something wrong with the firmware or is it a hardware limitation of the printer? Loading onto the XD card works, but this is a pain in the butt and I'd love to solve the USB problem. For reference I'm running the J version of the OEM firmware.
I would try a different USB cable, and if the problem persists try another SD card. Otherwise, you might have something wrong in the printer.


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