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Newbie with FW1.0.1 and new Da Vinci 1.0
I just bought a new XYZPrinting Da Vinci 1.0 and it came with FW 1.0.1.

I bought a WCTek XYZerocart, and it seems to reset the counter to 120M. So far I cannot get the XYZerocart to communicate with the WCtek software, but that's not my question.

Can I use the FW downgrade pn sjhortign method on the new machines (those with FW1.0.1)? I read in another forum it does not work on the newer machines.

Has anyone had luck downgrading the FW on a new Da Vinci 1.0?
The earliest known fw version on the 1.0A is 1.0.1. When I first got my 1.0A I attempted to flash 1.1.G using the XYZware offline firmware update but received a failed message. Since then I have learned that these two models are not compatible with each other's firmware and the pins are different. If you did somehow manage to flash it it most likely wouldn't work and could potentially damage the hardware.

I can't speak for the XYZerocart but I was using firmware 1.0.3 with an arduino to reset the cartridge for a while. However after about a week with the software firewalled from the internet I still got the cartridge error and couldn't get it to work again until I put in an official cartridge that hadn't been reset.
I just got the XYZAP v2 PLUS
I have the 1.0a with FW 1.0.3 and using XYZware 1.33.3 , I have the fire wall blocking both in and outbound for the XYZ.exe there was only one don't remember witch so I made a new rule for the other so that in and out are blocked. I used it on the cartridge that came with the printer and it reset to 240m I then placed it back in and printer something small and it worked fine.
I then filled it with gray abs an have been using it .
I am on the same xyz resetter v2 firmware 1.0.3_1.0a model
I have blocks XYZ. Exe inbound outbound reset cartridge that came with the printer I have not yet put it in my machine I'm afraid of breaking it is there a way to do a factory reset a hard reset
confirmed frame where 1.0. 3 Model A 1.0 reset v2 works flawlessly[Image: 1423357580257.jpg]

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