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Think I hosed my extruder.
I was cleaning my new Da Vinci 1.0A. I managed to break one of the
white wires that come off the hotend. Is this something I should/could fix myself? Any instructions out there for something like this anyone can point me too?
Is it the small wire covered in milky white plastic (thermistor) or the thick white/red (heater)? Either should be easy to replace. To disassemble, remove the set-screw from the brass hotend and gently push the heater out, insert a suitable round piece of metal (philips screwdriver shaft) into the heater hole, while holding the barrel with a wrench and unscrew the brass end. Now to remove the thermistor, unscrew the level probe from the brass end and the thermistor is now only held in with a little high-temp silicone. I can't recall if it is on this forum or Soliforum but one has the specs/replacements for both of these.
It was the small white wire. I believe it was the thermister wire. There were two wires coming out. But they didnt have red shrink tube on it, that was the other side.

that shows extruderotomy and image of themistor.
You need a new thermistor and some high temperature RTV
to glue it back on hotend.

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