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Smoothie board upgrade?
Since the Due is already a 32bit board does anyone thing that adding a Smoothieboard would add anything other than a cool web interface? I'm trying to see how far I can push this thing. I especially would like to increase printing speed. I'm building a delta and that's definitely getting the Smoothie - but I'm wondering if there would be any use in dropping one into the Davinci.

I took a bit of a look at the smooothie. Ive never seen or used it, so take my comments as worth what you paid for them. Smile

Considering both boards (OEM and smoothie) are 32 bit and are more than up to the task of controlling a davinci, Im not sure there is any benefit to switching.

It comes down to: Do you want a hobby of printing, or a hobby of the printer? My wife is convinced my hobby is the printer. Wink

If you decide to give it a shot please keep us updated!


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