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Leveling the print bed, more involved than you may think
I've owned my Da Vinci for a couple weeks. In that time I've struggled to get the bed perfectly leveled. Now I understand why.

The build platform has a few layers. First you have the black plastic platform that is attached to the z axis, then a fiberglass filler and then the the heated glass plate. The plastic platform is concave with the lowest point in the center. The fiberglass filler does not do enough to build up the center. Glass does flex under it's own weight so when you place the glass plate over the fiberglass filler, it flexes a bit, downward. This is why you cannot achieve perfect level.

I took the glass plate off and built up the center of the plastic platform. Now I'm able to get the glass plate level.[Image: platform.jpg]
Thanks Gary, im going to take a look at this tonight. I am starting to notice that its getting more and more difficult to find the happy medium between the center and the edges, hopefully this will even things up a bit.
Finally got around to looking at this, as people that knew nothing about 3d printing would ask why the bed was concave.
I dont understand the design decision there at all!
I was in a hurry so I just put a straight edge across the gap and backed washers up until they hit the edge.
I can tell a huge difference when watching the nozzle move X across the length of the bed.
This is how bad mine was:

I don't think it was actually designed that way. It could have ended up warped due to heat.
Youre probably right, but warping over time irritates me a little more than bad design, as it should have been found while QC testing. Wink
My bed started to bow downwards after just a couple weeks of using it. I think the bed was the last thing remaining that I hadnt taken apart, and I did need to replace chipped glass anyway, so i guess there's no loss and I may have learned something from it.

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