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LCD Failure on 1.0 / 1.0A - Tester/Feedback needed
1 - It seems one issue at boot time exists for a while on 1.0, is the random LCD initialization failure - but after a restart, issue is usually gone.
For 1.0A issue seems worse and may need seral restart based on feedback I read on forum.

2 - Another failure recently pop up on 1.0 with 0.92 FW, it is random white screen during printing

I do not have any of these issues while I use 0.92 based on my 2.0SF (I am lucky - that's my name Wink ), but still willing to work on it, as I consider this is a milestone to be able move from alpha to beta step for 1.1 (0.92 based)

With Garry help we changed some inialization steps and some timing that per his feedback improve the situation on 1.0, but would be great to have more people test and feedback.
Also would be great to have 1.0A feedback also to work on improvement

So If some people are willing to help to test latest on 1.0 and 1.0A and feedback, would be definitly great, we could get a clear view of current situation with latest changes and do additionnal ones if needed, this will also speed up improvement for sure,
we still have some ideas to improve but need feedback first.

Feel free to feedback to this thread or even better on issue itself -

Thanks in advance :cheer:
EDIT: New initialization is now in master branch of, Thanks Garry and Superdavex
Tested on 1.0 1.0A 2.0 so far so good - again thanks for all feedbacks
EDIT 2 : seems we need more modifications and more tests, please help to feedback on testing branch - thanks
EDIT 3: all have been integrated to master branch - thanks for your feedbacks
EDIT 4: one change has been reverted to master - feel free to feedback
I will be willing to try to help with the 1.0A stuff this week. My only issue right now is I only have a MacBook where I have the printer so revert software won't be so easy. I am planning on getting a cheap windows pc where my printer is so I can try to revert to 1.0.3 or 1.0.1 if I can find that firmware again. If you can just give me the steps you want me to take I will try tomorrow.2
Thanks and welcome - we did a testing branch and discussion is here
I was able to flash the .92 Repetier firmware on my 1.0A Da Vinci and got a few test prints in. However I'm not able to go back to 1.0.3.
Luc, Im sure youve grown to expect alot of problems from me, since I just jumped into 3d printing feet first and Im still trying to climb out. I never really had bad LCD init problems, but I loaded your latest .92 over the weekend and it now takes me 6 or 7 attempts to get something viable on the LCD. I also now get blank LCD mid print, and Ive never seen that before. I used to be able to unplug the thing, turn it on to expel the last bit of juice, plug it back on and its all good. None of that works now. I can live with this as its a small nuisance. However, would like to assist you in your endeavors. Could you please detail how youd like me to proceed with controlled diagnostics?
What did you used before 0.91 or earlier version of 0.92 ?

Also please try the testing branch of 0.92 - this is the one with LCD change not the master
I started out with .91 and went to .92 almost the day you released it, and havent had any issues until this weekend. I did recently replace the hotend so Ive been having to restart the thing much more frequently, and maybe thats why it "appears" to be more severe now. Ambient temp is now around 65 degrees F too, since im in a basement in the middle of winter and I have to divert all heat upstairs otherwise my wife will crank the thermostat to 80. Ive been noticing I have to make small tweaks to working filament profiles , irrespective to firmware but due to ambient temp, so maybe this plays a part as well. Ill load up the test branch this evening and contribute however I can. Thanks.
Normally (I cross my fingers, hands and feet...) testing branch should solve the problem, but it is necessary to restart printer after flashing
We changed the support of LCD from 4bits to 8bits (you will notice a new chime to say it is 8bits) and this change seems need a restart of printer after flashing to take this change in account.
How can I identify a 1.0, 1.0A DaVinci?
my control board -- Jumper pins there, three buttons in middle of board
corner has RC3.1

LCD working with XYZ 1.1G
Ribbon cable to LCD was cut out of the box and that was repaired

I flashed Repetier .92, use Repetier-Host LCD blank or jumble
I flashed Repitier 1.03, use Repetier-Host LCD blank
I flashed Repitier RC-1, use Repetier-Host LCD blank

All respond to commands from RH 1.0.6

What can I test to get LCD and control panel to work

Have several thread about new generation board, here one :

and picture from ogremustcrush :[img]
Late to the game but when testing today on .92 from a cold start out of 25 attempts the LCD was correct 12 times. I just applied the latest and after 10 successful times in a row I decided to stop. Its nice to not have to power cycle so often especially if you have something like a Pi wired into it.
Hi seems some people still have issue
a new modification is available in testing branch - please help to provide feedback on it - especially if you still have LCD failure with master branch
thanks for your help
Want to thank you all for getting my davinci to print again. I have a 1.0A with j37 motherboard. Had been using xyz resetter multiple times and didn't properly block firewall on new laptop. X motor would start buzzing intermittently and jumping off course. Sometimes 5 hours into a print. I did discover a possible frayed red wire to x motor and fixed that as well. By that point I had already started flashing the printer with 1.1.J FW. Oops!
Successfully, I flashed my printer with the .92 FW and was able to print a part. Everything works on LCD menu. Everything works on RH manual control (jog, home, fan, bed, and extruder). I can load and slice an object. Print starts as soon as all temps are met. However.....
This is the issue I'm having.....I hope its a simple one....I'm very new to all of this.
The only print that I was able to successfully complete had to be scaled down to about 2inches and printed nicely very close to the center of the print bed where I placed it. If I try to print a part about 6 inches cubed, it starts to print off the bed and appears to be cutting the part in half and printing the outer edges of the part in the center of the print bed. It also seems to stagger the x axis as well when this happens.
When I did get the small scale to print, I had the repetier host printer setting x parked at -133 y and z at 000. Any suggestions?
did you configured repetier host / slicer properly ? looks like slicer/host issue
have several thread for this:
Last looking more into it. Think I might also have bad connection at x stop sensor.
Thanks for the link. So much info here, its nice to know where to look. I'll input the correct settings tonight.
luc -

Do you have two branches right now? A main version and then a testing branch?

I have 0.92 installed and when I print the version from the lcd is shows: 1.14-11-27_1.1

Is that the latest? How does that version string work?

1. ???
14-11-27 The year / month / day
_1.1 Your version #?

0.92 is the Repetier version right?

I wanted to test the beta if you needed, but wanted to know what the latest was as well.
Thanks again luc for pointing me in the right direction. Was able to get repetier and slicer configured properly from various resources. I still had an issue with the extruder printing off the bed while printing a large diameter part. It would reach its maximum x and y point while printing the first brim layer and never return back to home. Eventually it would keep printing till it jammed into the max x position. I either have a faulty x stop sensor (puzzled by this assumption because I can print a small part and always jog the extruder manually and home it every time)....or xyz discovered I was using a resetter and this is how they're corrupting our printers. Any case...I solved the problem by re-flashing the printer with your master firmware and in the endstop configuration disabled the Always_Check_Endstop by changing 1 to 0. My extruder finally made a full lap around the print bed. I don't know if this is just an isolated problem with my printer or if anyone else is experiencing the same issue. But I love simplicity. And it doesn't get any easier than changing 1 digit. Thanks again. I can tell already that I'm gonna love this new printer you've helped me resurrect from the dead.
well faulty sensor is common issue - root cause can be the wires or the sensor itself, fortunatly you can exchange the top lid sensor with the faulty one, it could solve your issue or help you to see if actually it is really the sensor or the wires - have a look in forum as this was discussed several times.
if it is sensor problem, remember to desactivate top sensor in settings after you exchanged/removed the top sensor
check configuration.h
#define VERSION_MAJOR " 1"
#define VERSION_MINOR_DAY "28"
#define VERSION_BUILD "1"

I only change for major change/impact - not for small fixes/modifications , because there is no $Version variable like in others SCM, so version update cannot be done automaticaly at each commit but all changes are tracked by github itself.

Lastest version change was for the LCD update, you can see it in github if you check history of configuration.h

The master branch has all latest fixes - testing branch is currently not in use as nothing need to verify right now

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