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printer not showing up on USB after FW flash
so i flashed my 1.0 with .92 firmware and all was going great..

then the printer reset on its own , showed black bars and now will not show up on any computer...

I tried resetting via the jumpers (numerous times) with no luck..

any ideas???


This sounds similar to my problem apart from how it happened

dunno if it`ll help on a link they posted me it suggested to try holding both the up and down buttons when powering on your machine
what fw version did you used ?

Did you modified variant.ccp file as requested ?
Also double check device manager to see what appears /disappears when you plug in and unplug the printer. Let us know.

nothing appears on device manager.. i flashed it with .92

and yes i used the new variant.cpp file..

im at a loss.. Undecided
sorry 0.92 is the base not the version , what version in configuration.h ?

no chime in window when you plug or unplug the printer ?
If there is no chime and nothing shows in device manager try :

1) different usb cable
2) make sure all the power leds on the motherboard are lit when turned on. If not you might have a minor resistor problem or a power supply issue.
3) remove sd card and try.
4) unplug everything except the power connectors and lcd and try again.
5) if all else fails you may somehow have a corrupt bootloader on the mcu which requires chip replacement. While straightforward, this is not an easy task and requires specialized smd rework equipment. If you are in the US i can do it, id have to bring in a chip (aprox 12 bucks plus 10 shipping from ), labor ($25 or so), and return shipping. So figure it would cost somewhere about 60-70 bucks or so total. (Could vary if anything else is wrong also...)

Because of the cost to repair, you might be better off to install mega/ramps. If you do that, i would be willing to buy the board for 30 bucks as is plus reasonable shipping. You can usually grab a mega and ramps for 50 to 75, and in many ways it is a much more universal /serviceable option.

Keep us posted.

sad to admit, but i think you maybe right Kieth..

yeah... im pretty good at smd.. but 144 package , not so much.. haha

I already ordered a mega+ ramps, but for 70 bucks, i may as well fix my board?
or attempt to fix myself and practice my smd skills? haha

what do you think?

when the mega comes, do you know what i have to configure in repetier to match the differences?

the ramps 1.4 came today.. im in the process of changing the cables on everything to match the 2.54 spacing. ill post some pics of the progress..

here goes nothin!

Smile[Image: IMG_1238.jpg]
Hi as your printer looks "naked" do you mind to check if there is any reference on LCD about model / manufacturer ?

Thanks in advance
Wow, I wouldn't anticipate to have to take everything apart to install a RAMPS... Are you actually replacing all the wires or just the connectors on the board end?
It is easy to take apart and it makes it easier to follow the wires. I actually did the same when we were initially doing pinouts on the board to evaluate for a change of firmware, just made it easier IMO.

Rob, assuming you are in the US, if you are interested in selling the oem board let me know. My offers is $30 plus shipping when buying as-is.

the issue im having right now is the end stops. can they just plug in or do i need to make a small pcb ? it seems like the oem board handles the resistors and what not for it, and
not on each endstop like some ive seen.. hmm...

or , do i swap them out for mechanical ones ..

the lcd.. I havent gotten that far yet. I have a few here , some 1602's and a few oled's.. im going to see if i can make one of them work , and possibly the zyx lcd?!

kieth, lemme think on that for a day or so.. and thank you!



she is naked..
the reference of LCD is under LCD board : [img]
Dont know if it will help, but here it is on their site.


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