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Printer crashes and continuous restarts
This problem has been an ongoing one for my so I’ll start but describing what I’ve done so far. (current problems on second paragraph)
I was somewhat new to 3D printing going into it so I used the XYZWare at first. Begins printing no problem but prints are terrible (layers wouldn’t even stick together). So I find this forum and find w34’s XYZWare Open Mod and have a go at that. After quite a bit of trial and error to get slic3r to a somewhat acceptable level I can finally print things and everything is going great until… One day it starts crashing on me inexplicably before slicing every time so stupid me clicks on the “please update” button that pops up every time I loaded it, thinking that that may solve the problem and of course that was a terrible idea and my firmware gets forcibly flashed to 1.2.3 and that makes things even worse.

I tried to get rid of that terrible 1.2.3 firmware using the bossac tool and 1.1.J. Bossac worked as people described but the printer would only restart continuously with nothing on the LCD panel. After many attempts at changing things like different firmware versions to baud rate settings or whatever I could change I gave up on the open mod and downloaded the Repetier 0.92 (at first using bossac and the .bin to no success) using Jake’s guide. It worked, and I got Repetier working but a few things causes a crash.

- Trying to get the lights to turn on causes the front panel to glitch up and the printer restarts. This happens every time no matter what I do.
- Sometimes (but not always) the printer will restart continuously on first startup unless I turn off the printer and move all axis’ manually away from their home position.
- Connecting to the Repetier host itself sometimes causes a crash

I know that’s not much to go on considering the amount of variables that are involved but any help would be appreciated. I have been able to get the printer to start up, z-level and even begin to print but I would like to get these glitches sorted out before I spend a lot of time fine tuning the settings.
For the record I have a DaVinci 1.0 that does have a JP1 but doesn’t have actual terminals to jumper it with, only pads. I also accidentally jumpered JP2 on startup at one point but I don’t think it affects anything at this point. Any help or places to start would be great help! Thanks!

Also on a somewhat related side note, it's probably somewhere on these forums but I haven't looked too much yet. Is there a way to actually calculate print speeds in like a spreadsheet or something instead of guesswork? Especially depending on object size/average cross sectional area?
which version of the fw do you have ?
did you do the file modification for usb ?
Im using the 0.92 firmware as in this post: I did the variants and USBcore file modifications beforehand as directed as well.
The fact you are saying moving the extruder to a different position effects start up seems to me to indicate a broken or shorted wire.

.92 is the based, in printer setting menu you have a version item to display the fw version (1.1-2014.….)
Hmm. Unplug the heater and see if your problem goes away. (Obviously you won't be able to print, but it will tell us if the heater is the source of resetting. )

Oh, I see. Sorry about that. The number I get is 1-15-01-02_1.1.
I've done what you said, and I've unplugged everything one by one when it gets like this and no single thing seems to change its behavior. However by moving around the wires going to the print head I was able to get it to stop restarting so it is probably a short somewhere in there. I also think there's a short or something in the light module as well because enabling those is a death sentence unless I unplug it directly at the lights.
Is there any way to say connect to the printer with Arduino and monitor the printer remotely to find out at what point its stopping and crashing?
you can use the serial terminal in arduino IDE but I am afraid if is a short this won't help

did you tried starting with extruder fully unplug ? (the connector on picture )
Okay after slowly unplugging everything one by one, it seems the orange wires going to J29 (Y-Axis Endstop I believe because if I move the extruder a few millimeters in the Y direction it doesn't want to start) AND the wires going to the light module are causing the problem. It appears to startup just fine after disconnecting those two.
You could swap in the end stop sensor from the lid or one of the other axis to see if it is a sensor problem.

As for the lights, maybe glance at them and see if they are all turning on.

Well, swapping them didn't help because it turns out that either of them cause the problem. If there is a few millimeter distance from either endstop the printer doesn't start. I don't know how the firmware interacts with the endstops but is there some sort of internal setting affecting it? I had accidentally jumpered JP2 at startup at one point way back, could that have changed something?
And for the record if its not close to the endstops I can start it, home it and even run it but I don't trust it enough to let it start printing something at this point because it has just shutdown randomly on me.
Perhaps something else happened, off hand i would be suspicious of a pull-up resistor or one of the fuae resistors in the power supply being weak.. If you have a meter you could verify the values of the smd resistors in the circuit. If you aren't familiar with doing this then the only other options are xyz warranty (good luck ), or finding someone nearby that can look at the setup...

After taking everything apart and checking most everything it turns out that the filament chip reader thing was causing the problem. Thanks for all the help!

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