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Activate front panel functions from software
Has anyone investigated the possibility of using software to select functions currently available only from the front panel?

I'm interested in being able to select and print a demo gcode file (SAMPLE01.gcode) via the USB port as though it was selected from the SD/microSD card via the front panel.

The obvious application is to work in tandem with the Toshiba FlashAir to create a wireless printing solution.

Thanks for any input!


Your best options are :

1) repetier with octoprint, or
2) usb bridge over wireless (there is a thread about this already, please search )
3) leave computer connected

Curious, but why would you want to control the printer via usb but upload on wifi? If your going connect the computer why not let xyz or whatever you are using control the print start to finish?

Also, if you can give more info about your setup (firmware, printer version, model, etc etc ) we might have more ideas for you.


Honored to have your reply! To address your query:

1) Currently tinkering with AIO V1.0, stock firmware 1.1.1, with integrated MB (newer design)

2) Using Astroprint for online slicer

3) "Modded" the AIO by adding extension microSD to SD card 20" extender and Toshiba AirFlash v2.0, which works flawlessly and without liability of XYZ snoopware.

4) Performing design, .stl generation and uploading from iOS 8.1.2- hence the request to be able to print the resulting demo upload remotely, without need for direct local front panel access.

Thanks for any help you can provide!
Since you aren't using xyzware, and for the most part custom firmware isn't available yet for the aio (no going back to oem yet, scanner doesnt work, etc) there isn't a lot you can do other than what you are currently doing- uploading to toshiba then selecting print from the front panel. If you go back to xyzware amd block it both locally and at the router from the xyz site then you could go the stl>slicer>import to xyz>print method. Xyz uploads the file to the printer and once printing starts the computer is no longer neeeded.

Unfortunately i think firmware development for this model will be all rather slow because there aren't many of these machines out there yet.


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