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Questions about filament and serial numbers
Hi everyone. New here, but have been lurking for a while. Just got my Da Vinci 1.0 right before Christmas (actually it was December 24 when it showed up) and have been playing with it every single day. I've been kind of afraid to tinker with it too much because this was quite a large purchase for someone with my income, but after printing with the stock firmware and PC software and getting disappointed with the quality of some of my prints, I decided to flash Repetier and slice/print with Cura. After fiddling with some Cura settings, I've pretty much got it where I want it. Prints are much nicer and more detailed. I'm getting off topic; I actually think I have an older machine. I haven't found a manufacture date on it (I haven't really looked) but it has the older style board (with the full size SD and the J1 pads) and, from what I've read here, the older style filament guide above the feed stepper. I read that with the newer style guide it will print in PLA without issue and I've also heard that Da Vinci is releasing PLA cartridges sometime within the next month or so. Can anyone confirm that you MUST have the newer guide to print in PLA. Most things I've read say that with the current hot end setup it won't print anything but ABS. My other question is about the serial number, which is just for my curiosity. I noticed there's a "serial" number sticker on the floor of my unit near the door hinge. It's formatted just like a Da Vinci serial number, but the middle digits are different and the registration website says it's not a valid number. Just curious as to what this is. Thanks for any insight, guys, and thanks for all the helpful info you guys post. I've learned a lot just from lurking here and I hope to become more active with this community.

Edit: I didn't realize I had posted my original topic in the ExcelFil forum. I guess it defaults there and I didn't know. If a moderator could please delete that post it would be appreciated.
Welcome Kevin!

I read that they will not only be selling PLA but they will also be selling a PLA capable extruder that you can replace your current extruder with.

In any case I wouldn't go either route. The problem with PLA is that the barrel gets too hot and as the heat slowly creeps up the threaded barrel of the extruder the PLA will expand and jam. I was able to fix my stock extruder by adding some heatsinks. I just took a dremmel and a vice and cut up a heatsink from a graphics chip I had on an old motherboard. I didn't bother using a tap and die to drill any holes or anything and simply used some very thin metal wire from a big box store to sort of twist tie the heatsinks next to the extruder barrel. The heatsink was a bit tall so I had to cut them down a little so they wouldn't grind on the gears. The stock fan appears to give me enough air flow to allow them to do their work.

I actually just received my new E3D v6 in the mail which is far superior to any hot end XYZ will sell ya, although it will take a bit more work to install it Tongue.
Hey, thanks for the response. I've read quite a few posts about printing with PLA with the Da Vinci and actually have seen the pictures of your mod. Thought about doing something similar myself. I've also considered the E3D replacement. I didn't know that XYZ was going to be offering replacement hot ends. I'm quite happy printing with ABS at the moment, but I would like to eventually print with some of the more exotic filaments (ie NinjaFlex). I guess I will wait and see what their new hot end looks like. Might be worth the swap. The only problem I'm having now is small holes in between layers and on the tops of my prints. Can't figure out whats causing it. I've tried different settings in Cura and it's helped, but not cured. Of course, vapor smoothing seals most of them up for painting, but i'd like to get it fixed in the printer.

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