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Where to buy pull up resistors?
Where can I get pull-up resistors? I cant find them anywhere. Ebay has some but they are the wrong value.
I believe pull up, and pull down, resistors, are just resistors. Its a pull up if its connected to voltage, pulling the signal up to whatever your voltage is. Its a pull down if its connected to ground, pulling it down to 0. So just a resistor of whatever value you are supposed to use.

here is a good explanation.
pull up and pull down example

Radio Shack also.

You can series resistors to gey the value you need. Say you need 12k, but Radio Shack only has 2k and 10k. Just connect them

2k. 10k

That would make 12k.

There are also formulas to parallel them to get the value you need. Google, only because it is a bit much to explain.

Kit from Amazon is probably your cheapest bet

You'll pay $3-4 for what you need at Radio Shack, or you'll pay $4-5 shipping from anywhere else.
I'm tempted to pick the one I linked on up since they're 1%ers. I've got 2-3 kits with 5% tolerance, I buy another kit when I run out of a value....

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