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Da Vinci Aio Extruder tensioner?
It's there anyplace on the extruder that could allow me to loosen the tensioner?

I have been doing a lot of pla printing but with the sainsmart wood filament I keep getting skipping jamming (the tensioner ends after 1-15mins) failing to grab the filament because it 'bites' too much.

I have tryed the normal cleaning, getting the extruder to clean the rods, etc. this filament it's weak and the tension it's too high for it.

So, anyone knows if there's a screw that I could touch to try to ajust it?

I also had to remove totally the extruder retraction and that allows me to get 20-40mins of printing but in the end it bittes the filament too much and fails to push it.

Yeah I also tryed a very wide range of temperatures and fan at 100% etc.

Also aio extruder can print pla. I can do 15h printing (large dragon I did) on red pla. But this wood it's getting the best out of me...
If the extruder is similar to their other designs there is a spring that pulls the idler into place. Just swap out the spring for a lighter version. However, I really dont think thats going to fix your problem. I suspect it is more likely the extruder/stepper heating up softening your filament. Just a guess.

Thanks Kieth, no problem I solved the problem, printing nicely wood, specially 2 other brands that work better. Pla printing it's fun to learn and when I posted this msg I started to learn about curling and overhangs, etc. So far so good, I posted some photos of my pla and one wood eyeglasses I'm working on the soliforum.

My next move it's to move to repetier, but I don't think there's anything yet for my duo 2.0A (I sold my aio to a friend) =)
I found that there is no heat sink compound between the SS tube (heat break) and the AL metal bar, Added some.
and also between the screwed down heat sink there is no heat sink compound. - - - I added some here too

I am printing with PLA just fine over a wide range of temperatures - - - even some that are too hot and get bad prints because of it.
( mean too hot) without and jamming - - - - also made sure the fans are aimed right and the shield on the lower end of the fans is directing the air properly.

Jim P

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