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Help - Prints with moving parts always fusing together
I'm hoping someone might know what I'm doing wrong. I download the Socket Wrench that was created for the space station by Nasa( I've tried printing it 2 times and each time the moving parts fuse together. Because of the tolerances I've tried printing it on a Raft, at .1, thin shells, etc. This is not the first time that I've had problems printing items that have moving parts and them fusing together. I've never been able to print any parts on my Duo that had hinges etc as they always fused together.

I'm using 3rd party filament on my Duo and the temperature is at 220 for the extruders (filament says 220-240). I've noticed that the part gets fused on the bottom layer and the top to some degree. Any advice on how I can get a good print would be appreciated..

Hi there,

if you are using the "stock" XYZware/slicer, you are going to need to look into using the XYZmod software with Slic3r. What I found is that the stock Da Vinci just pushes too much plastic out of the nozzle. What Slic3r allows you to do is calibrate the actual "width" of the extrusion, see (your width should be at least below 0.5mm)

Also, XYZware + Slic3r will open up a WORLD of possibilities for your printer - including MORE settings, AND WAY FASTER SLICE TIMES!
After I adjusted the flow of the filament through nozzle in Slic3r, I am now able to (somewhat) successfully print various movable objects, including the NASA wrench.

So, besides calibrating the extrusion width, it is helpful to know that a few other factors will help dictate you success in printing moving parts. Generally speaking, you want to print SLOW (
As mentioned, it is likely you are pushing too much filament. You could also try reducing the number of shells. I wouldn't expect it to matter, but I have seen the difference on some of my own prints.

Thanks for all your responses. I've made adjustments in Slicr3 and its a little bit better. Unfortunately its just a challenge in general to print anything with moving parts.
It might be helpful to ask the creater of the object what plastic it was designed for. IME, PLA tends to print assembled moving objects better.

I think i forgot to mention - i had trouble getting things like emmetts locking heart box (twists plus hinges ) to work with slic3r. I'm using kisslicer now and such things print easy. Just a thought, try different slicers.


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