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Remove pc after print started
Is it possible to remove the pc after start printing in repetier-host?
See on the lcd buffer is 32. I am using version 92 of the firmware on da Vinci 1.0!
you avoid PC during printing you need to print from SD Card :
This can be done using SD Card transfert function from repetier host
You can also copy your GCODE file directly to SDCard by another way and launch from printer
Wil look at these . Thank you for the quick answer.
There is also a thread about using a wireless router with USB to print with the computer from remote, in case you are using a laptop for example.

The best route, IMO, is the octoprint method. Give a search for it. Im using a raspberry pi because I had a spare, but I understand there is a beaglebones version as well. Best money ive spent yet. You can even set up your router to allow you to print over the internet. If you do, definitely dont use standard ports and make sure you have a secure password for access.

I have seen this thread also and already busy with the preparation of the parts.
Printing now the part for the pi camera so that i can mount this.

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