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Extruder/Hotend failure
Hot end temp dropped during print, when I stopped printer it was four layers above part so roughly 20 minutes had gone by. I found the problem in the wiring and it was the small plug at the extruder, it is cheap so I change to a deans style connection that is use in the RC world. My concern is that the print continued with out stopping with the temp command from the g-code being active. Have any of you had tis issue? I always use the abs pre- heat and do not start print until temps are reached. I am using the custom FW .91.
I've had the same problem. The extruder started clicking, and immediately noticed the extruder temperature had dropped (couldn't melt the ABS). It was the connector problem. As a temporary fix, I bent the connector pins towards the mating female contacts, as to give it more contact pressure. So far it's working, but I think I'm going to change it to the conventional insulated spade connectors.
You should perhaps update to Repetier 0.92 which has a watchdog to protect against this sort of thing. If the temp drops too much for whatever reason, the watchdog will turn the dry run mode on, so no damage is done to the printer.

My hotend's connector has also failed BTW, although in a different fashion. One of the wires was pulled off of the connector during a print B) I've ordered a bunch of Deans connectors which I'll be installing together with a new and more powerful heater cartridge.
.92 ok thanks did not know it was available..

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