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Part numbers for the motherboard/wiring connectors
Anyone know where to order extra motherboard headers and wiring connectors? Looking to make a custom cable for my e3d.
I am looking for that info as well.
As far as I have been able to determine is they are some kind of "Board to Wire" connector?
I have not been able to find the name of the specific type / style. Apparently this kind of connector is so commonplace that it is never mentioned.
(Anyone know what these things are?)

Molex makes several series in this style. I thought I had found the right kind but on ordering up discovered that I had not Sad

I have ordered up some "build your own" jumper cables from pololu. These /should/ fit the same pins so I can swap out things without cutting wires. I will post how those work out
I haven't looked at the board specifically, but they are standard wire-to-board headers. There are several major manufacturers of that style connector, and while they aren't inter-connectable, they are very easy to identify. I deal with designing around these connectors every day.

My guess is that they are a 1mm pitch wire to board connector. Probably a Molex or JST...or a knockoff of one of them.

I'll try to look at my machine when I get home and try to identify them. Keep in mind, you will need a crimp tool to terminate wires for any cable construction. They are all crimp terminations. You may be able to get by with a needle nose pliers, but to get a good consistent termination that will properly engage with the plastic header, you really should use a crimp tool....which aren't particularly cheap.
They are XH2.54 connectors. (Essentially the same thing as JST connectors.) They are typically specified as XH2.54-NP, where the N is the number of pins you need.
Okay now that we have the one for the thermistor figured out what was the one for the heater cartridge? Its similar to some thiings i have seen in RC stuff.

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