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Can the Da Vinci handle 3mm Filament?
I ordered some more filament the other day it got here today. I just opened it up and saw it was 3mm and not 1.75mm. I ordered the wrong stuff.

Has anyone else tried 3mm?
It won't work. The extruder and hotend is made specifically for 1.75mm filament.
There is a thread about installing an e3d v6 and bowden extruder. Nothing prevents you from buying the 3mm version of the hot end and associated parts.

So, yes it can be done. Just not easily with the stock hardware.

Thanks for the replies. I packed it up and sent it back in and have 1.75mm on it's way. Not ready to hack the printer on the hardware side yet(other than the cart reset.). I am going to get a new printer(not another Da Vinci though) in February. Then I am going to play with the hardware side of the Da Vinci.

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