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Movement of the bed
So last night I was printing out the nasa wrench and noticed slower parts had a massive decrease in z banding. Got me thinking, Im not printing very fast so I took a look at the printing bed and there is about 1mm of movement. The bed isnt attached to the pillar properly on the rear right. I was wondering if anyone else has this issue and has fixed it? I pushed a Stanley knife blade in the gap and it removed almost all movement. I dont want to permanently glue something there in case I want to go back on my decision but hot glue seems like it would get soft.. Any ideas?
Every davinci 1.0 will have this problem. Why do you think hot glue would get soft? There's no heat over there except for the slightly hotter air inside the printer, but that's not nearly hot enough.

Jamming something in there is the wrong way to go about it, as you will put lateral stress on the bushings. Hot glue or locktite, or whatever else of the same sort should work.

by the way, the glass itself can move in the tray, check if you have that. I fixed it by adding folded tinfoil under 4 corners underneath the insulating pad.
The glass itself on my printer is fine, doesnt move. I havent had a good look at it yet but something I have to fix if I want to see better prints.
My 1.0 has this issue as well. Wasn't sure what the best method would be to fix it since this side "floats" in order to make it easier to remove the bed if the z axis needs to be changed or adjusted, right?

I've been hesitant to glue it, but if that's the way to go then I'll revisit. Has anyone tried printing a stopper or a plug for the open side?

I was also thinking about how much the bed moves when trying to take parts off of it after a print. The assembly in the rear looks like it could sway pr twist all on its own at 5-15cm height. I was thinking an extra pair of sliders (one in each front corner) might help reduce this too -- overkill, or worth pursuing?
Either an extra set of sliders in the front or THK rails in the back. I'm leaning towards the rails in the back to be honest.
I just loosened the screws holding the four metal clips that (are supposed to) hold the glass and slid a business card under them. I then re-tightened the screws and trimmed the card to fit the metal clips. It has been running this way for about six weeks now with no issues.[Image: 007.jpg]

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