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Heated Bed Broken but XYZSupport says its normal

I have the Duo and the heated bed wont get up past 68-70 degrees Celsius. I called XYZ Support and they say that's normal. I've had my printer for about 4 months now and I believe it use to heat up much higher. I know the default cartridges set the bed for 90 degrees "C". I'm getting severe warping on my larger ABS prints. Can anyone verify that their beds are getting up to a higher temperature for me. I seen in some XYZ Printing Videos on their website that it looks like its getting up to 78 etc. Just need a sanity check here so I can go after XYZ Printing to send a replacement bed.

I have both. The 1.0 heats to 90C, as the cartridge is programmed to do.
The Duo heats to 70C. That is 'normal' for their units I suppose.

I have noticed 70C is much better for non-warped prints, so I've reprogrammed my cartridges on the 1.0 to use a 70C bed.
I've noticed that if I use Slicr3 and export to gcode and convert the output file to a ".3w" then I can set the bed temperature higher. I just did a print and set the bed to 90 C and a part that I've printed previously that kept warping, did not warp. The 70 C default temperature seems to cause my large prints to Warp. It sucks that I have to use Slicr3 and go thru that method to be able to set bed temperature! I'm thinking about purchasing Simplify3D but I just wish it was a little less expensive.

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