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Andys (now tested) Untested Y Carriage
I printed and installed Andy's "Untested Y Carriage."

It is an excellent beta and really should be usable by anyone that wants lm8 bearings instead of the factory bushings.

The lm8 bearings fit perfect. The 8mm rod holes needed to be drilled a bit. I hand filed for the idler carriage to properly fit. And i had to dremel some plastic to be able to insert the idler wheel in place.

It took a about 1 hour to modify the print to work, including giving it an acetone wash.

Printed with octoprint on luc's .92 using xyz blue, 240 extruder, 95 bed, .2 layers, 50% infill, sliced with kisslicer.

Note: The black spots on the print are grease, the yellow spots on the print are because i am using yellow abs sludge. Sure, i could have made blue, but i don't care. Smile

Kieth[Image: 20141228_183208.jpg][Image: 20141228_183217.jpg][Image: 20141228_183241.jpg]
Very cool.
I printed it but haven't been able to find the time to try it.
Nice to see it installed.
Is there an STL file floating around somewhere for this? What about the other side? I'm looking to replace all the brass bushings with bearings...
here it is:
Thanks. Nothing for the other side?
No problem.

Not that I'm aware of...

For LMU88 bearings:

But Kieth has no problems with them, so it's probably just the quality and orientation issue.

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