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while trying to upgrade my hot end i have broken one of the optical end stops does any one know where to get a replacement i cant find a part number on it andthe dont sell them on xyz website
if your running repetier firmware, you can pull either the filament check sensor or the open lid sensor and re-purpose them. Neither of them are used if your running repetier least, not in my setup Wink
DUDE!!! Re-purposing the lid sensor worked for replacing my bad Y sensor! Although I am back on XYZware's firmware, (just because) I can just make the lid "always" closed and be done with.
Call me lazy or stupid, but where is the optical sensor for the lid? I'm looking everywhere and can't seem to find it. Do I have to pop off panels? Maybe a pic if someone has it may help.
top-right corner looking at the front. It's black and fits in the groove where the lid goes.
Thanks! I'll give it a look.

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