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Current status of Da Vinci 1.0 firmwares
Hello everybody, this is my first post, so please forgive some newbie questions. I was almost about to order a 1.0 from Amazon in the safe knowledge that I would be able to reset / modify cartridge eeproms and bypass the need for stock filament until I spotted some excellent threads mainly on here that show that XYZ has changed the main board in the 1.0 and 2.0 to use the same one as the AiO.

From what I have read, this means that the reset no longer works and it is no longer possible to install the same software as the older 1.0 machines (version G or J) to bypass the checks.

If I order a machine in the UK today, it seems likely that it will be a new model and I could be tied into the manufacturer's cartridges for a while, or forever, can anyone help me to answer the following questions please, as I'd like to open the printer up as much as possible.

1) Is there a reasonably mature (i.e. working) non-stock firmware out there yet for the 1.0 printer with the new (AiO style) board?

2) Is there a fix for cartridge reset / bypass for the new board?

3) I'd like to use Repetier Host, what are my options if I end up with the new processor board in my printer?

4) Is anyone running Repetier firmware modified to suit the new Da Vinci board?

5) What is the best setup to use in terms of flexibility, openness to try other materials (tweaking of temperatures etc)

6) Has anyone adapted other extruders for fitting on the Da Vinci yet?

I have considered pulling the board out and replacing it completely and have seen that has been done, but for me would be a last resort. and a shame to hack the printer about if I don't need to.

Advice very welcome (please) even if you think I should buy a different machine. Over here the Da Vinci 1.0 is £494 (so much more expensive than you guys and girls get it for in the US) and the generic Makerbot clones (CTC etc) are about £450 if made from wood, or £500ish if metal framed.


latest FW for all boards are described here :

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