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Open Mod XYZ Ware on Da Vinci 1.0A FW 1.0.3
Does anyone know if it's possible to run XYZ Open mod on my printer?
i have the new 1.0A Printer but it has 1.03 FW on it... id rather use Repetier but i'm not capable of installing it.
So if anyone has had any luck on getting it top work in a similar position to me, let me know.
I have same setup XYZware 1.33.3 model 1.0A FW 1.0.3 .
I plane to get a WCTEK re-setter but don't know if it will works with this setup
blocking XYZ.exe in the windows fire wall will need to be done I know.

so you have Open mode successfully running?
if i may ask, what version of XYZWare are you using and what are your most used settings?
I tried the latest version of the xyzware open mod and it didn't work. The first time I clicked on connect to printer or print it crashed. The previous version of open mod seemed to work. I've only used it to send an already sliced file to the printer. I didn't spend too much time on either one of them because I have Simplify3D. I also have the reset tool, XYZPRO, and it works as advertised.
mine crashes as well! Sad

fw version 1.0.1

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