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Mattercontrol 1.2.0
Anyone had success using MatterControl 1.2.0 from MatterHackers to control a Davinci Duo 2.0J? I've tried Simplify3D and while I'm able to print with it, it's missing some obvious features and can't control the printer directly. As I move into using 3rd-party filaments it seems I'll need these features more and more.
Hey I've tried to get it to work but no joy.
my understanding from my reading - - - Da Vinci has a special format. Some extra information in the start of the Gcode file. I updated the firmware to Repetier and the printer works much much better - - - much better results - - -

just trying to get both extruders to work now.

Jim P
have latest repetier firmware and loving it - - - all is working perfect. - - - - could not ask for a better printer - - -
Do you have the recent board in your Duo Jim P? If so which method did you use to upgrade firmware? . I have a Duo 2.0A stock firmware 1.0.B, elsewhere on this site reported as yet unsupported for firmware upgrading. Had it since a week before Christmas. xyzware will not upgrade firmware, I get the message "Oops! Service not available" constantly. Support have not given me any sensible explanation, still waiting since report 21/12/14
Edit: JUST SEEN YOUR POST under different (correct) topic! So still reluctant to zap my more recent board.

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