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New Firmware for 1.0
OK i got my da Vinci 1.0 printer about 3-5 days ago. While its cool this filament stuff will be bothersome. I already did the filament hack after i downgraded to a 1.1J

It works! but i was thinking it would be simpler if i just replaced the firmware... So basically i wanted to know whats my best options and is it possible to go back to original firmware afterwards? In case i decide to sell it in the future.

some info:[Image: 20141219_193901.jpg][Image: 20141219_193905.jpg]

he has other videos on it but that should get you started. and yes you can go back to the original firmware. the process is basically the same but instead of flashing repetier you flash xyz's firmware
Thanks, going to watch it now ... hope my hardware is good for it Smile
Just upgraded the machine to "repetier-0.91-alpha-davinci10" and manual control works so far... going to make a test print Smile
that's a terribly old version. Use luc's binaries instead.
Maybe I'm missing it, but where do I find luc's binaries if that is an old version?
Here you go Steve:

Merry Christmas!
I agree with using luc's version. It works well enough and has progressed enough that i would call it "rc" (release candidate ) instead of alpha or even beta. Wink


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