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.92 LCD error? (LUC)
Luc, FYI -

On a 20 hour print, sometime during printing, the LCD went blank and stayed blank.

While the printing continued, the LCD did not "come back to life" until I reset the printer after the print finished.

interesting - actually the initialization part of LCD was not modified like for 0.91 yet for sure, as on my printer I saw no issue, I have printed several times 7h but not 20h - I was waiting for feedback, and seems on AiO based board there are a lot of issue at initialization, so I will update when back home.
But white screen during printing - this is new ! - it means not only initialization function but also write function have some problem, I will have a look to it - thanks.
Interestingly, i just finished a 17 hour print with no issues.

I have had this issue also. Thought my LCD had died, but restarting the printer fixed it. Haven't had the issue since. Mine was on a 6hr print though.
Issue my be linked to RW pin
the pin is connected but not used so depending of the state of the pin some RW command may be send to LCD instead of R
that may generate this issue randomly as pin state is not defined

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