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Nozzel Size
Aha, got me printer working again, turned out it wasnt the psu that was dead but the cartridge heater that had shorted out, causing the psu to shut down :angry: This does seem like a weak point in the system!

Anyhow, I was looking through some of the adds on ebay, mostly at the replacement print heads and noticed that they come with a variety of nozzel sizes, 0.2, 0.3 etc. Is there any benefit or drawback to using a nozzel size other than our standard 0.4?
Smaller=slower and finer detail.
Larger =a bit quicker and slightly less detail.

No, its really not THAT simple - but it gives you a general idea. IMO, the .4 nozzle is really a good compromise overall.

Sorry, cant answer more without knowing the details of your printer.


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