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Mac Firmware Update, Now Bricked
Hey all, very new one here. I just unpacked my DaVinci 1.0 printer, loaded XYZWare 1.1.1, and even printed a test print. All was looking great.. until.. XYZWare asked for a firmware update. I ran the updater, and on the display of the printer it said "Updating Firmware, Please Wait." I waited for about an hour, assumed the worst, and figured I'd just reset the printer and bring it back.. clearly that was completely the wrong thing to do. I have two black lines on the display and no response from the printer. I've been doing my research on the forums and seen how it is possible to bring it back to factory via the Windows software, but does anyone know if it can be brought back with Mac OS X? I also have the newer printer without the J jump. Any help would be great!
Nevermind, found in a different thread the answer, surprisingly XYZ Customer Service didn't suggest this. I restarted the printer holding the up and down arrows, that allowed the XYZWare to recognize it and upload the current firmware (good or bad as it it is), and I was able to get it back to factory.. phew.. dodged the bullet

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