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New user questions - extruder dragging through object
I just got my Da Vinci 1.0 yesterday and have printed a few things successfully, but most things have ridges or stripes, especially on the top surface. I figured that was normal, but today I was printing a fairly flat object - an alpaca keychain ( - and noticed that the extruder was "dragging" through the already-laid ABS. Even on the first pass, as it was laying down the first lines, it was actually pushing a ridge of plastic in front of it.

Anyway, what should I be looking at adjusting or calibrating to address this issue? I have an XYZerocart from wctek, and I'm using green ABS. I have the extruder temp set to 230 and the bed temp set to 100. I've tried running the bed calibration, but the extruder never seems to get hot enough, and after an hour, I just switched it off.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
I haven't had any replies, but for the sake of those searching and coming across this thread, I wanted to add that I have greatly improved the print quality on my DaVinci by adjusting the bed. I used the method where you start a print, and then shut it off and use a piece of paper as a feeler gauge. The print quality is probably still not the best it could be when perfectly dialed in, but it's greatly improved, and acceptable to me for my first attempts at 3d printing.

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