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Need Help Choosing Between Da Vinci 1.0 vs 2.0 Duo
I have been saving up money and decided to buy a 3d printer. I've never owned one before, but I am mechanically savy and I"m a software engineer.

The 1.0 seems to be the most common printer and is cheaper than the 2.0. I like the idea of having dual extruders though. I want to use it for craft stuff for my wife. Can folks give me some advice?

- How often would I actually use both extruders?
- How much support is there for custom firmware (repetier?) for the 2.0 compared to the 1.0?
- Would getting something like the Printrbot Simple Metal or the UP Mini be a better first time printer than either of the da vincis?

ALL info greatly appreciated!!! :cheer:
I have both. Bought the 2.0 first thinking I was going to use the dual extruders more than I needed the extra bed width of the 1.0. There are a few circumstances where the extra real estate would have come in handy when I had the 2.0.
I never really used the dual colour capability of the 2.0 during a print - its more complicated than i thought to create a dual colour model. That aside, it is convenient to select one of to filaments without having to load/unload another colour. What I am most excited about the dual extruder capability is using one for disolvable support/rafts. Unfortunately in its stock state, the extruders arent capable of printing HIPS properly.
Bare in mind, with the custom firmware, you can pause printing on the 1.0 and change filament mid-print. Wink
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

Dirk - Thanks for sharing your info!

Have you modified your's to print HIPS? What about using PVA. Can you share any links?

I agree that using two colors is not something I'm likely to do often. I figure'd for the small increase in price, its worth it to go ahead and get the better unit and grow into it. My wife and her friend's are really into crafting and so I thought having the option of doing multicolor prints would allow me to use it for her as well.

Do you have any other printers or just the XYZs?
Scott - Do you use the 1.0 and how often do you change the filament mid-print?
Yes, I have a 1.0 although I'm still on the stock firmware so I haven't tried a multi coloured print.
I haven't found the need for it yet and I'm pretty happy with the print quality on stock firmware tbh.
I believe it may also be possible to change filament mid-print under stock firmware using Cura to slice. It has a pause print option but I haven't tried that particular function yet.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

I havent yet modified the 2.0 to use one e3dv6 head yet. Some have done so on the 1.0, but not yet on the 2.0.

The discussion is here:

I'm in the middle of changing all bushing to LM8UU bearings. Should be finished today I hope, then on to the carriage and e3d.
Just a quick update. I ordered the 1.0 and was able to print the 3 samples without a problem. I then flashed it to Repetier Host firmware. I then got stuck for most of today, because I had the wrong communication settings on the RH GUI.

I'm trying to print my first object now, so hopefully things work out!

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