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Can i run Repetier with a Da Vinci 1.0A printer?
Hey guys. I'm getting my new Da Vinci 1.0A 3d Printer delivered tomorrow and i just wanted to know if it is possible to flash it with repetier. i've not seen to much about this revision of 1.0 on here so i thought i would ask. The instructions don't seem to be very uniform when it comes to installing repetier but if you know a way i can do it on my printer, any advice would be appreciated. i'm definitely looking forward to being able to print PLA with this new printers capability but i can only do so if i can get it running off of a spool.
modifications have been done in fw to support it - have some glitch in bed thermistor table that should be fixed soon
still alpha stage and under testing by some people
here the feedback:
Thanks! much appreciated.
Where did you get the 1.0A version, I am not sure amazon is already selling it.

I know I am a bit late for christmas but repetier on the 1.0A would be the deciding factor for buying a XYZ 3D printer^^
i purchased it from the supplier for my work. They're called Multimedia Technology. Im in Australia though.
I unfortunately got a 1.0a from amazon in mid November
Im dying to get repetier on it. It's becomes worth so much more with open source software on it. The 1.0A can print pla out of the box but xyz hasn't released pla cartridges yet.

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