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Multicolor Prints
I'm looking at purchasing a Davinci Duo, but I'm unclear on exactly how much flexibility one has on multicolor prints. The examples I've seen show the ability to print separate objects in different colors, or "fusing" different colored objects by placing them adjacent to each other (a red flower on a green stem for example). I've not seen any examples of how to switch colors as part of a single object however - by which I mean the ability to create vertical stripes of color (e.g.: as opposed to stacked horizontal bands of color.

Does anyone know if this is possible with either the included software, Repetier or Simplify3D?
The single object is actually made of two separate, interwoven STL files that are placed at the same location on the print bed. Look for the candy cane sample file on the CD that came with the printer. It's just creative slicing and dicing with the modeling software.

For example, you could cut away all the green parts so you're only left with what should be printed in red, then Save As Flower1. Then undo (or go back to the original file), delete the red parts so you're left with only the green parts, and Save As Flower2. Place both STL files and make sure they're in the same XY location with the proper Z offsets (if they don't both touch the bed).
Hey I actually have the Duo and I print in dual color all the time. It is the merging of two STL's but is a single object. As mentioned previously you just have to segment out the item you want to print into two separate STL's. I use and create my object and then duplicate it into two files. So each file has the exact object in the same exact location. Then I change the object and remove the sections I don't want in Color1, and then I do the same with copy #2. Make sure you don't move your object in either of the copies as this is very important when doing dual color objects as the two different stl's have to perfectly align when merged. Make sure if you use the "XYZPrinting" software that you turn off "Auto Position". Just import both STL's into "XYZPrinting" software and they should be aligned. Right click on each one to assign it to an extruder.

Happy printing..
Thank you both for your responses. Bought the printer and ran my first prints off last night including a successful multicolor print. Very quickly realized the stock Mac software is nearly unusable and purchased Simplify3D - looking forward to a lot more printing over the weekend. Very pleased with this purchase already and looking forward to hacking into this thing once I have a little experience under my belt.
Hey Montressor!

I would be very interested (and I'd appreciate it a lot) if you'd post your experiences with Simplify3D. I'm very interested in this especially if it allows "point and select" color changing on individual pieces. My interest is in printing two parts but one of each color - similar to how the XYZ software worked when I first got my XYZ. Hopefully that makes sense!

I saw a video where the person was explaining all the features and I THOUGHT I saw him do something like what I'm describing..



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