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Repetier .91 + e3d v6 extruder
Hello, i've installed in my davinci 1.0 a new e3d extruder, i've installed also the latest repetier 91 (RC1) , as suggested from e3d the configuration using thermistor table 8 now my printer display a starting temperature of 80° C when the bed temp and ambient is 23° C i think something is wrong. Anybody uses my same configuration?
The termisthor used is a Semitec 104GT2
Thank you
The difference is the circuit on DaVinci's motherboard
This is the circuit for reading thermistor,
in normal RAMPS board setup
R1= open

In DaVinci Hotend
R1(R29)= 1K
R2(R27)= 4.7K
In DaVinci heated bed
R1(R30)= open
R2(R28)= 47K

You can see them in the photo R1=R29 , R2=R27

You might need to create custom table for 104GT2 thermistor or remove the R29 1K resistor ( do with your own risk ! )
You can do it in firmware configuration page
Let us know if you found the solution.[Image: ScreenShot2014-12-20at3.19.39PM.png][Image: ScreenShot2014-12-20at3.22.40PM.png]
I'm installing an E3D v6 and also have this problem when switching the thermistor table to 8. The default one in repetier 0.92 (table 5) kinda works, but also starts at 28ºC when the real ambient temp is 22ºC, which suggests that the readings are at least a little off...

There is quite a few people using the E3D v6 on this forum, so what are you guys using?
I have an E3D V6 on mine and I've run multiple configs.

I never changed the default setting in .91 or .91 RC 1 and never seemed to have a problem. May have shown an incorrect initial temperature, but I never noticed. I got good performance at ~230C temps and weather it was accurate or not, I dialed in indicated temps for good performance.

I ran .92 without adjusting the thermistor setting (defaults at 5 I think) for awhile. Didn't see any difference between .91 and .92 as far as temperature settings. Profiles continued to print material properly.

I did finally set the thermistor to 8 in the source code and re-compiled .92 and flashed. I haven't noticed anything relative to starting temps. I have noticed that I've been running my extruding temps a bit lower than with the .91/.91 RC1. Maybe my temp was reading too low?

Realistically, it doesn't really matter if your temperature readings are 100% accurate. As long as they are consistent, you can still figure out what the indicated temperature should be for proper printing. It's still going to be trial and error initially for materials, regardless of if the indicated temperature is right.....just might need a few more trials.

unless of course it's soo far off it trips the max temp limit or the watchdog settings while still being too cold to print......then your screwed.... Smile
Like the OP, with the table #8 I get readings around 80ºC for a real ambient temp of 22ºC, so it'd be complicated to do anything with that kind of offset. Have you double checked yours to see how far off it is on a cold start?
I finally paid attention to the start up temp, and I too see 85C when the machine is sitting idle without the extruder started.

I don't know that there is any real problem though. I still can print with no issue, and I've got the temp on my PLA down to ~185C. So, if 85C was a reading that was representative of the correlation between measurement and true temperature, that would put my 185C as really ~120C....much too cold to properly extrude...and I have no issues

I think there is just an erroneous reading when idle.
What version was the bin that was compiled already on BGM's github? I have that one running on my printer currently and it is reading perfect throughout the entire range.
as mentioned above, repetier thermistor tables are defined for ramps, only Davinci thermistor table had been created, if you change thermistor from stock, you need to build thermistor table to get accurate reading
well.... i guess if it's not broke don't fix it haha.
Luc, do you have a link or something detailing whats needed to build a new table? Im currently not having any issues but am printing filament rated at 235-260 @ 220 with great results, so something tells me my temps aren't accurate after all. I expect to do some trial and error with any new filament, so if building a table doesnt really provide any gain, please let me know this as well. I could see having an exact temp table being a necessity if you are managing a printer that is used by others, but in my case no one else in the house is able to find a moment where Im not already using it!
you have 2 ways:
1 - you have all technical data so it can be done by calculation, for example using :
2 - you do measurement using a multimeter and thermal probe, you can check what we did for the bed and extruder ([url=
), David gave several recommandations for the good conditions, you need to do some extrapolation for points you cannot mesure like low temperature to avoid error with sensors

Hope it helps
I'm running into the same issue. I'm going to try and make my own, but otherwise I think #5 will work.

Using what you said about the resistors being different I plugged that into the site the other user comment about (
and made my own thermistor table:

// Thermistor lookup table for RepRap Temperature Sensor Boards (
// Made with the online thermistor table generator by nathan7 at
// r0: 100000
// t0: 25
// r1: 1000
// r2: 4700
// beta: 4267
// max adc: 179
#define NUMTEMPS 31
short temptable[NUMTEMPS][2] = {
{1, 712},
{7, 403},
{13, 339},
{19, 305},
{25, 281},
{31, 263},
{37, 249},
{43, 237},
{49, 226},
{55, 217},
{61, 209},
{67, 201},
{73, 193},
{79, 187},
{85, 180},
{91, 174},
{97, 167},
{103, 161},
{109, 155},
{115, 149},
{121, 143},
{127, 137},
{133, 130},
{139, 124},
{145, 116},
{151, 108},
{157, 99},
{163, 88},
{169, 74},
{175, 51},
{179, 8}
Did this table work for you?
no luck, sorry for the delay in reporting. it looks like my pcb layout may be different (attached)

Also the firmware notes: "If you have a sprinter temperature table, you have to multiply the first value with 4 and the second with 8. This firmware works with increased precision, so the value reads go from 0 to 4095 and the temperature is temperature*8."

I tried with updated values (*4 and *8 respectively) but no dice either. Original values give ~1C and new values give ~10C.

Cant measure the resistor values if I don't know them well. Going to work with #5 until I have time.[Image: IMG_1271b.jpg]
I wired a 104gt-2 to second extruder of my 2.0
I then taped it to the hot end and set it to 230
I watched the temperature trend near-perfectly.
It's nearly perfectly accurate (steady state) up to 265 (limit is 270)
Either #5 is a 104gt temp table made for their circuit or it's damn close.

Case closed - either the thermistor is a 104gt-2 or close enough, if you swap in an E3D, use table#5.[Image: temp.png]
I think that the stock thermistor and the one that comes with the E3D v6 both have the same resistance value of 100 kOhms, hence why the table #5 works for the E3D.
Think I have a working calculator for the thermistor table. This is designed for the da vinci 1.0, not sure if it'll work on other XYZ models (it should as long as the R1 and R2 values mentioned a few posts ago are the same). This calculator assumes you don't know the beta... you need to enter a temperature and it's corresponding resistance from your thermistor's datasheet (I used 100C for the second temperature). Once you enter those two values it will calculate the beta and generate the code. It generates two code blocks... one for using the generic thermistor mode, the other for using the user defined table mode. You don't need both.
So does it generate a working table for the E3D's thermistor? has anyone tried it out?
I haven't had a chance to try it yet, my printer is in pieces for a bunch of upgrades.

Feel free to be the guinea pig. The calculations are similar to how it calculates for generic thermistors.

And the output is formatted correctly for repetier

So I recently had to install a new thermistor and extruder on my Da Vinci 1.0 and after having turned everything on the extruder heats up but the thermistor isnt registering in repetier. I know I need to put in the correct table but Im honestly not even sure whereto do so. I am very basic with technology so if you could guide me in the proper direction I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.

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