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New Flexible Filament: taulman PCTPE

Looks like it will work on a stock da Vinci!

Plasticized Copolyamid TPE: co-polymer of highly flexible nylon and thermoplastic elastomer

" . . . designed to work in virtually any FFF-based 3D printer capable of printing with ABS. Unlike many other flexible filaments that have issues printing on extruders that require 1.75mm filament because they are too flexible in their raw material form, PCTPE will not have this problem. This is because of a special “draw” process . . ."

• Prints on both bowdens and direct drive extruders.
• Prints at 230C, and is compatible with most other ABS print settings.
• Provides super layer to layer bonding which allows for single perimeter walls to be folded along thread axes without any separation.
• Incredible texture, similar to that of nylon, making it perfect for 3D printing wearable objects.
• Change color with standard dye
• Strong
• $30/lb.
• More benefits seen in the video (see link)

I will be very interested to see if this works on a stock Da Vinci duo. I am really struggling with Taulman Bridge, but this looks promising!
Interesting. I will be ordering a few various spools from them to try.

Update :on the stock extruder pctpe prints for a few minutes, but the stock extruder gear can't properly grip the filament so the print eventually fails. This could be a retract issue, but i don't think so. I'm moving to bowden setup and will regarding it..

Nylon can be done, but i had trouble with anything more than a few hours. No seasoning tricks were tried.

Ignore the above until I retest and repost my results.

Why? See the stupid fix for clicking extruders, as this could definitely play a part in being able to print this filament.

What fix are you talking about, I have seen calibrating the bed, masking off the sensors, but nothing firm yet.


BTW, with stupid fix in place i am currently printing the flex pctpe 20 minutes now without issue.

IF, and that's a big IF, your extruder gear is not worn, is clean, the stupid fix has been applied, and you increase the strength of the spring (which speeds up the wearing out of the extruder) THEN you can successfully print both of these filaments after playing with the retract and temperatures.

Or, just install the bowdeb e3d setup and print them without issues. Smile


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