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Printer hangs after a few seconds (repetier .91)
I have the correct com port, the correct baud rate, and I can partially(?) connect to the printer using host...... but it will only take commands for 1-2 seconds immediately after connection. After that, commands just pile up on the waiting list.

The log shows 03:05:56.149 : No start signal detected - forcing start
I can basically home an axis or two before it stops responding. Manual axis control doesn't seem to work, though. Only homing.
03:36:31.788 : N16 M105 *48
Host tries to send this command to the printer and the printer (?) rejects it. Host then waits for for it to finish that command before it does anything else.

Connecting to printer with arduino ide shows
I found a workaround. I changed the cache in the printer connection menu in repetier. I set to to 9999.
The printer display shows the temps of the bed and hotend, but the host wasn't receiving the temp info. So it would just keep polling forever, and fill the cache.
Changing this setting has allowed me to use the software normally, until I try to print.

I send a print, and it'll do its thing and heat up, then start to print.
It gets like 2% through the first layer and then just stops. Doesn't home or anything, just stops right where it is.

The log shows this happening between line ~300 and line ~360 of print code. It doesn't give any errors, but that line that it ends on is the last communication between the printer and the computer. I have a feeling that the print code is filling up the cache by the time it gets to ~330 lines.
Extruder just stops moving, lcd says "idle" (and eventually "stepper disabled", if you leave it on platform long enough) and the print is ruined.

Will try reducing Cache size and printingVVVV
Cut cahce in half, and the print stopped even sooner. With 9999 cache size, it can print a skirt and a couple of very small circles.
5k cache size lets it print ~80% of the skirt and that's it. It freezes.

If I increase the cache size while it's frozen, it immediately starts printing again.

Please help.
"wait" is coming from printer not host, so issue is on host side - look like you have communication problem between host and printer
did you setup right protocol in repetier host settings ?

what firmware do you use ? source or binary ?
The firmware is (now) the 0.92 one that you upload with the arduino IDE.

Sorry, I'm pretty new to this.

What should be the correct protocol settings?

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